What To Eat – Their Food Prep – By The Lean Machines

I thought I would start my new blog off with a video from the guys at the Lean machines, where they take you through what they eat as part of their healthy food prep.

In the video The lean machines explain that there are many ways to get in shape, but what they explained in the video is what they find works well as they only have a short time to diet.

They have 3 low carbs days a week, which 2 of them are there non-training days.

It really doesn’t matter which approach they take, the basic principles are the same, which are there will always the real foods, with a very minimal amount of processed foods, which is certainly a good lesson for all of us whether we are exercising or not.

Enjoy the video and here’s to a healthy long life:

Let me know what you thought of the video in the comments below to help me tailor the content on my blog.

Cheers guys and girls, I hope you enjoyed it.

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